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Still awaiting for scouting :/

2011-06-14 10:57:37 by Estall

Well Ive been waiting for a while but it seems i havent put myself out there enough to be scouted yet. I wonder if anyone is even going to read this post but to hell with it I might as well keep at it until Im old and cant type anymore and start shitting myself in my grandpa diapers hoping for the day I finally get someone to stumble upon my very neglected login and sees my art lol. Well I havent much time to really do much art but I try to get something out once in a while. Most of my art is usually drawn on someones wall due to pure boredom then I forget to take a pic of it like an idiot. I also have some music I want to put on here too. I came up with a song in 45 minutes but sounds pretty epic (if your into rock and metal and all that). I just need to stop being kidnapped over at my cousins and finally get back home to where I can put it on here...which will be hard since I have no internet. It seems I get screwed on one little detail so its hard for me to actually put stuff on here most of the time. Well if your reading this I thank you for actually taking the time to check my page. You should leave a comment. It gets all lonely in here all alone....that and the monster under my bed finally ran away from boredom so now theres nobody. NOBODYS IS TELLS YA!!!! Holy crap 0_0 ....the speaks to says it wants a fluffy bunny in a suit so its face can feel like magic and be sucked off by an angel...on this...the day of my daughters wedding...okay Im done rambling now. DONT FORGET ME!!!

If anyone actually reads these...

2009-10-15 19:02:44 by Estall

Well I had to remake an account since I forgot the name and password to my last one almost around back when this site first started. When I made it the assassin games where huge. But yeah I was really young and I decided to go back on here just to forget what everything was so I made this account YAY. So yeah......thats all I have to can stop reading now. No seriously why are you still reading this? WTF MAN!!! WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE!?!?!?! Thats it Im getting a restraining order now if you dont stop reading me....I will....I mean it......STOP LOOKING AT ME!!!!!Thats it Im leaving...